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Scout Popcorn Program 2016

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Thank you for investing your time and energy in promoting Scouts Canada’s #1 fundraiser in your Group. The Scout Popcorn sale plays an essential role in allowing your Group to generate the funds needed to provide an amazing program for your youth as well as lessen the financial burden on families.

For Details or Questions about the Popcorn Program, please contact your Area Popcorn Coordinator.   If you do not have an Area Popcorn Coordinator, please contact the Central Ontario Service Centre.

Area Popcorn Coordinators

Ken Carey Agincourt
TBA Humber West TBA
Charles Ash Old Mill
TBA Scarborough TBA
Bob Taylor Seton
Charles Ash Skyline
Tom Gifford Sunnybrook
TBA The Alders TBA
Magda Zaghloul Willow Valley

Key Dates

The Scout Popcorn Sale runs from September to October 2016

Group Popcorn Orders are Due Online- October 31, 2016

  • Group orders are due online via the Trails End Popcorn System
  • Forward completed and copies of the take order sheets to your Popcorn Coordinator.

Popcorn pick up at warehouse - Details TBD

  • Warehouse Location for 2016  - Group Popcorn Coordinators will be provided with location details. Please contact your ASM if you have questions about your Group's Popcorn Pick-up details. 

Program Resources

You can find lots of useful information on the national Scout Popcorn website at

Order Forms- Need more order forms for your Scouts? Contact your area popcorn coordinator, the COSC office or you can download them from

National Reward Program

National Reward Program - Download a copy of the National Reward flyer to share with your Scouts. 

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Thank an Outstanding Volunteer Today.
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