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Registration Forms & Documents

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               Central Ontario Service Centre (COSC)

                 As of 2016-2017 COSC is providing administration services for six councils:

                                       Battlefields, Central Escarpment, Greater Toronto,

                                                Shining Waters, Tri-Shores and White Pine

      Registration Forms and Documents for the Scouting Year 2016-2017     

Scouts Canada Registration Refund Policy as of Aug 2016                  

No One Left Behind Subsidy Requests 2016-2017

New NOLB Membership Process 2016-2017

NOLB Participation 2016-2017. A group completes this form on behalf of parents who need some support towards Uniforms, Program Materials, Weekend Camps, Summer Camps or Outdoor Equipment. It is submitted to the Central Ontario Service Centre for Council Approval and then for National Approval. Once Approved, the Cheque is sent directly to the Group.


How does 'Backcheck' work in regards to reference checks?

How to use the 'Wait List' function

Volunteer Readiness 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 

Code of Conduct  is the current CoC as of May 2017.

Volunteer Readiness Time Line
Volunteer Screening Policy (PDF) Volunteer Screening Checklist
Approving & Activating Pending Volunteers and Parents Child Abuse Prevention Policy
Accesibility (AODA) Record of Training Bullying/Harassment Policy
Child and Youth Safety (CYS) Record of Training Scouting Safety Policy and Procedures

MyScouts Instructions 2015-2016

Other Forms

Reference Documents 2015-2016

Myscouts FAQs 14-15 Beaver Registration Age Policy
Group Registrar Position Description  
Group Commissioner Position Description COSC Charitable Tax Receipt Process - WPC Only


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Thank an Outstanding Volunteer Today.
Thank an Outstanding Volunteer Today.
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