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                    Central Ontario Service Centre (COSC)

                               COSC is providing administration services for six councils:

  Battlefields, Central Escarpment, Greater Toronto, Shining Waters, Tri-Shores and White Pine

Registration Forms and Documents for the Scouting Year 2019-2020

NEW Scouts Canada Registration Refund Policy                  

Scouts Canada Registration Refund Policy

No One Left Behind Subsidy Requests 2019-2020 

NEW NOLB Membership Process 2019-2020 - Please direct parents to HELP.SCOUTS.CA. 'Submit Request' must be selected, then online submission form must be filled out selecting 'Subsidies' in the Support Type field and an appropriate region. Parents/Guardians without access to internet are welcome to apply by calling 1-800-263-0930.

NEW NOLB Participation 2019-2020. Applications should be completed by the Group Commissioner and submitted to the National Service Centre in Ottawa by e-mail to If approved, a funds transfer will be made to the Group's bank account.


How to prepare for registration periods (checklist)


How to request a new password or create an account

How to set Group Fees

How to use the 'Wait List' function
How to register my child online (Returning Participant)

How to register as a Rover

How to regitser my child online (First Time Participant)

How to register as a Volunteer

How to remove a registered role

How Backcheck works in regards to References

How Find a Group tool works 

How to renew your PRC with MyBackcheck

How to add Group-specific Interview and References in MyScouts

Automatic Scouter Renewal Process

Volunteer Readiness 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 

Code of Conduct  is the current CoC as of April 2019.

Volunteer Readiness Time Line
Volunteer Screening Policy (PDF) Volunteer Screening Checklist
Approving & Activating Pending Volunteers and Parents Child Abuse Prevention Policy
Accesibility (AODA) Record of Training Bullying/Harassment Policy
Child and Youth Safety (CYS) Record of Training Scouting Safety Policy and Procedures
Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders Training FAQs Wood Badge I for the Canadian Path Training FAQs


Scouts Canada, the country’s leading youth organization, offers challenging programs for boys, girls and youth age 5-26 in thousands of individual groups in most cities and towns across Canada.

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Thank an Outstanding Volunteer Today.
Thank an Outstanding Volunteer Today.
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