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Other Programs at HSR

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Self directed program opportunities available at HSR.

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Special Notes

Outdoor Adventure Skills

The Outdoor Adventure Skills award for each stage indicates that a Scout has demonstrated specific knowledge and ability. Our staff can help support many of the Adventure Skills stages through instruction or they can help support Scouters who are assessing skills. Please inquire at the Program Centre.
Voyageur Canoes
These oversized canoes allow 11 campers a chance to paddle a canoe like the explorers of 100 years ago used to do. With three canoes available, you can take as many people as you want out to explore the lake. Available from the Program Centre, these Canoes can be used from dawn to dusk each day except Thursday afternoon when they are used in the Regatta.
Small Mouth Bass- the best fighting fish for its size! We have a policy of barbless hooks and the Reserve encourages a “catch and release” philosophy.

The use of live bait, except for worms, is prohibited.

Residents of Canada between the ages of 18 and 64, and all non-residents of Canada, are required to have a valid fishing license. Information about licenses and other rules are online at The paper part of the fishing license can be purchased from most Canadian Tire stores in Ontario. Outdoors Plus in the village of Haliburton is also an authorized reseller. The provincial Fishing Regulations for Fisheries Management Zone 15 (HSR area) are also at
A swimming area is provided at each campsite for group swim periods. Scouts Canada safety rules must be followed at all times. Each group is responsible for lifeguarding their own swims. Swimming instruction, mile swim, and badge testing may be scheduled through the Program Centre. Please review Scouts Canada Practices for safe swimming in BPP section 10006.8
Personal Achievement Badges
HSR is a great place to work on Scout Personal Achievement Badges. Scouts design their own challenges and our staff can help support with locations or instruction that will help Scouts achieve their goal.  
Trails, Hikes, And Outpost Campsites
Several hiking trails have been marked throughout the Reserve. They vary in length from an hour’s walk to a three-day expedition. Several outpost campsites are located on several of our other lakes. If your group is going on a hike or to an outpost site, you MUST inform our program staff of your intended route and timing. Follow the safety protocols in Scouts Canada BPP Section 10000.

View from Pike's Peak.



Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using a GPS or a GPS-enabled device. We have a few caches set up on the reserve. You navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the cache hidden at that location. Remember there is a slight “error” to every GPS device due to technological limitations. Your device can get you close to the cache, but you will have to look around for the actual cache. When you find the cache, sign the logbook, and return it to the cache. You can take an item from the cache if you like - just make sure to leave something of equal or greater value in its place. When you are finished, put the cache back exactly as you found it, even if you think you see a better spot for it! Coordinates are available from the program centre. Scouters must let us know if you are going on this treasure hunt.


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