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Canadian Jamboree 2017 - Greater Toronto Council Badge Design Winner!

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Presenting.... Canadian Jamboree 2017 - Greater Toronto Council Badge Design by Genevieve Brown and Rubene de Sousa!
During the first week of July, more than 250 Scouts and Volunteers will leave Toronto by plane, train, bus and car for Nova Scotia. They will be joined by more than 5,000 more Scouts and Volunteers from across Canada and along with International Patrol Units from Barbados, Ireland, Scotland, Taiwan & the USA. There will be International Offers of Service Volunteers from Mexico, Brazil, Ghana, Ireland, Scotland, Liberia, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.
Where is everyone going? To Camp Nedooae near Halifax, Nova Scotia and the site of the 2017 Canadian Jamboree which opens on Saturday July 8 and closes on Saturday July 15, 2017. For one week, Scouts will have the opportunity to meet new people, try new things and learn what Scouting is for people from other places.
One of the major activities that people get involved in at CJ is Badge Trading, which is the trading of Scout Badges representing various Patrol Groups, Cities, Councils, Provinces , Countries, Camps or Events. There are Badges for anything and everything, and people love to trade Badges to add to Campfire Blankets and other displays.
To commemorate Greater Toronto Council's participation in CJ, we held a design contest this winter. The best design concept was submitted by Genevieve Brown, a Scout from the 236 Toronto in Seton Area.
Here is what Genevieve had to say about her design. "Toronto has a very unique skyline including the CN Tower and Rogers Centre, so I thought it would be important to capture that as well as the CN Tower alone since it represents Toronto. Our Area has been doing a lot of work on Parks and Forestry and the results make our city very green and nature-filled which is why there are evergreen trees on the crest."
While Genevieves's design concept was excellent and very representative of Toronto, it was not quite ready to go into production as a Badge.Rubene de Sousa, a graphic designer who is part of the GTC Marketing and Communications team was asked to see if he could help. He took the elements of Genevieve's design and turned it into a "ready to make" image that is currently in production and will be delivered to all of the Patrols and Offer of Service Participants to enjoy at CJ.

I met up with Genevieve to congratulate her and show her the final badge design, just as she was just finishing up a Tree-Planting Event near Ashbridges Bay and the Beach with the 236th Toronto and other Seton Area Scouts.
When I asked her what she thought of the final design she said, "I like it! I appreciate how Rubene kept many of the original ideas in the finished crest. I liked the addition of the Inukshuk". The Inukshuk was added to commemorate the CJ Walkathon Fundraiser that many Scouts and OOS attended in May on the Waterfront Trail.
We hope all of the Greater Toronto Council members are proud of this Badge and thank Genevieve and Rubene for making it happen. We trust that it will bring back great memories (and some great trades) from everyone's CJ'17 Adventure.
Congratulations Genevieve and thank you Rubene for creating such an amazing Badge for GTC!
Chris Case and Genevieve Brown at tree planting
Chris Case, GTC DCC Membership Growth
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