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HSR - Staffed Programs

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A summary of staff instructed programs activities available at HSR.


Booking & Scheduling

Special Notes

Mountain Bikes

The ride will take youth to parts of the property they have never seen. This program can accommodate 25 participants at a time in 2 hour sessions. Please Note: This is a limited program and will be allocated to interested groups during the Leaders's meeting, Sunday morning.
Basic canoeing lessons are required of all campers before canoes are provided. A barge will pick up your group at your campsite. Canoe lesson times on Sunday morning, are assigned when you check in on Saturday.  Please Note: The number of canoes allocated to your site is dependent on the number of campers at the Reserve that week.

Personal Flotation Devices (PFD's) must be worn in watercraft at all times. These are issued at camp, however larger sized adults and youth are encouraged to bring their own government approved PFD.

Sailing lessons may be booked for morning or afternoons Monday to Friday except Thursday afternoons during the Regatta.  The sailing program uses 14 ft sailboats. Sailboats may be booked in the evenings after your Group has participated in the Sailing lesson.
The one hour lesson includes basic skills, safety and some fun games to practice with.  Kayaks may be booked in the evening after your group has participated in the Kayaking lesson.

.22 Calibre rifles are fired on a 22m (25yds) range. One hour session includes a safety lesson and hints on marksmanship. 

There is a charge for ammunition which can be billed to your site's account. 

At the end of the week each troop is invited to send one Scout and/or Venturer for the Rifle Shoot-Off Competition to find the best shot in camp! The winners are announced at the Friday night campfire.
Archery is offered in one hour lessons except during regatta and shoot offs time.

Since the archery and rifle ranges are located together north of East Point, you may want to book these programs one after the other. 

At the end of the week each troop is invited to send one Scout and/or Venturer for the Archery Shoot-Off Competition to find the best shot in camp! The winners are announced at the Friday night campfire.
Trapper's Cabin
An authentic trapper's cabin is the site for this one hour session on the history of trapping and logging in the area. Traps and logging tools are on display.  Located on the south shore of Kennabi Lake between Little Chip and Ojibway Rock Campsites.
Survival Instruction
This one hour program is located on Pine Island. Reviews basic survival skills such as survival psychology, shelter building, water and food gathering and survival kits.  Ask the survival instructor for opportunities for survival overnight locations in the Kennabi Lake area.
With the help of the HSR Staff Alumni, we maintain over 35 km of hiking trails forming a trail network on the Reserve and surrounding property. With the advice of the Staff Outtripper, choose a day hike for everyone or an overnight hike for a greater challenge. 
Check out our Trail Guide available for a nominal cost at the Snack Shack on Saturdays or from the Country Store. Pikes Peak - Click for a larger version.View from Pike's Peak.
Cliff faces of 12m-15m height provide a real challenge. Fully staffed by certified instructors this safe but exciting adventure is a "Must-Do" during your week of activities.  

Climbing Wall

The climbing wall offers a great view and an opportunity to challenge yourself. Participants are given instruction and are under belayed control by a qualified instructor. Sessions are 1 1/2 hours in length and are subject to weather conditions.

This one hour session includes basic skills and lots of time to investigate the bottom of the lake.


Keeping with our semi wilderness theme, the snorkeling program takes place from the shore of Loon Island.

Star Hike

The stars are awesome (and the Northern Lights, if you’re lucky). We’ll pick you up by barge at your site after dark. From the middle of the lake, we’ll point out the various constellations and talk about the related Greek or Native myths. Dress warmly!


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