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HSR - Staffed Programs

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A summary of staff instructed programs activities available at HSR.


Booking & Scheduling

Special Notes

Mountain Bikes

This limited program offers youth and adults a chance to explore parts of the property like never before. The 180-minute bike ride will take you to one of our beautiful lakes, perfect for photographs. Due to limited equipment and the length of the program it is booked upon arrival. Please Note: This is a limited program and will be allocated to interested groups during the Leaders's meeting, Sunday morning.
At the Reserve, canoeing is a major activity! On Sunday morning your group will be barged to the “Hub”, given a short canoe lesson, and then issued a proportionate number of canoes based on the number of campers that week. For the rest of the week, everyone travels to and from all activities by canoe. Explore the lake and find a new passion for canoeing. Please Note: The number of canoes allocated to your site is dependent on the number of campers at the Reserve that week.

Personal Flotation Devices (PFD's) must be worn in watercraft at all times. These are issued at camp, however larger sized adults and youth are encouraged to bring their own government approved PFD.

Lake Kennabi is the perfect place to learn how to sail. With a fleet of over 20 CL Echo sailboats, all ages can have fun on the water. This half day lesson addresses basic skills and safety and sailing aspects from points of sail to rigging your boat. Afterwards, you are welcome to book the sailboats for evening use. The sailing program uses 14 ft sailboats. Sailboats may be booked in the evenings after your Group has participated in the Sailing lesson.
Another great way to explore Lake Kennabi. The 60-minute lesson covers basic skills and safety and re-enforces them in a game/challenge setting. Like sailing, upon completion of this lesson you are encouraged to book kayaks for the evening. If your group can’t get enough kayaking, ask about our advanced lessons where our instructors will guide your group through rolls and rescues. Kayaks may be booked in the evening after your group has participated in the Kayaking lesson.

The Rifle Range provides everyone with a thorough introduction to .22 Caliber rifles. The 60-minute program covers parts of the rifle as well as marksmanship. Send your best marksman to the camp-wide shoot-off competition at the end of the week. A signed parental permission to shoot form is required for anyone under the age of 18. Participants in this program are charged $2.00 for 10 rounds of ammunition. This charge can be added to your group bill at the end of the week.

There is a charge for ammunition which can be billed to your site's account. 

At the end of the week each troop is invited to send one Scout and/or Venturer for the Rifle Shoot-Off Competition to find the best shot in camp! The winners are announced at the Friday night campfire.
We have the standard re-curve bows.This 60-minute lesson gives everyone a chance to learn the basics of a bow and arrow and then try for that bullseye! At the end of the week groups are encouraged to send their best archer to compete in a camp-wide shoot-off.

Since the archery and rifle ranges are located together north of East Point, you may want to book these programs one after the other. 

At the end of the week each troop is invited to send one Scout and/or Venturer for the Archery Shoot-Off Competition to find the best shot in camp! The winners are announced at the Friday night campfire.
Trapper's Cabin
This authentic Trapper’s Cabin will take you back to a place where trapping and logging ruled these lands. This 60-minute lesson will give a brief history of the camp and talk about different types of trapping and logging techniques. There are many old artifacts from Lake Kennabi and the surrounding area on display. Located on the south shore of Kennabi Lake between Little Chip and Ojibway Rock Campsites.
Survival Instruction
Located on Pine Island in the middle of Lake Kennabi, this 60-minute Survival Lesson will take your entire group through strategies and techniques for surviving in the bush. From shelter building to food gathering, the survival lesson gives you the tools to survive in the wild. Ask the survival instructor for opportunities for survival overnight locations in the Kennabi Lake area.
With the help of the HSR Staff Alumni, we maintain over 35 km of hiking trails forming a trail network on the Reserve and surrounding property. With the advice of the Staff Outtripper, choose a day hike for everyone or an overnight hike for a greater challenge. 

Pikes Peak - Click for a larger version.View from Pike's Peak.

Experience the thrill of being high in the air. Conquer your fear of heights. Enjoy a panoramic view from the top of a cliff in the Reserve. In this 90-minute session, you will progress from learning techniques on the ground to rappelling with a backup. The Rappelling Cliff provides a unique challenge for any individual. It is staffed by certified instructors. Closed-toe shoes and long pants are required!
Low Ropes Course
Located directly beside our Climbing Wall, this lesson is a great way for your group to bond and work as a team. Your instructor will lead you through the course through an amusing role-playing activity. This 60-minute session is fun for everyone involved, and even those watching.  

Climbing Wall

Surrounded by forest, our climbing wall offers challenges to all kinds of climbers. With three increasingly difficult routes our wall appeals to first-time climbers as well as experienced climbers. The 90-minute lesson will take you through all aspects of climbing from safety to technique. For those wishing to stay closer to the ground, or just looking for a different challenge, our Bouldering Wall offers a climbing experience just a few feet from the ground. Sessions are 1 1/2 hours in length and are subject to weather conditions.

This 60-minute program quickly moves from equipment and safety to exploring the depths of Lake Kennabi. There are a ton of sunken treasures in our snorkel hole, once you’ve explored them try some of our invigorating snorkeling challenges.


Keeping with our semi wilderness theme, the snorkeling program takes place from the shore of Loon Island.

Star Hike

Instructors will pick you up by barge after dark and take you on a journey through timeless myths and legends. Seeing the stars from the middle of the lake is a truly unique experience! On a clear night this superb location allows the opportunity to view individual stars, constellations, galaxies, and deep sky objects not normally visible in populated areas. Even on cloudy nights our hike can explore the night skies, listening to stories of constellations and various myths, and travel through time learning about from the cultures that held the skies in awe. Be sure to dress comfortably and warmly so that you don’t miss a thing. We will return you to your site late at night, so it is best not to plan any early morning activities the next day.

Badge Trading

This very popular activity takes place every Tuesday evening at the “Hub”. Don’t forget to bring your traders! As a hint, Canadian District/Area badges and U.S. Council Strips are both popular. What a great way to meet and share the scouting spirit!


Every Thursday afternoon a regatta (a set of boating and swimming races) is organized at the “Hub”. A plaque is presented to the winning Scout or Venturer group at the camp wide campfire on Friday evening. Please note that other programming is not offered on Thursday afternoons.

Shoot offs

Friday afternoon at 1:30 one scout and one venture from each site are eligible to compete the camp shoot-off at the archery and rifle ranges. Youth participating in the rifle shoot off are required to bring cash with them, as all accounts are closed at that point. Or shoot offs can be paid for at the lesson during the week just notify the Rifle instructor.

Camp-wide Campfire

This is the culmination of a week of fun. The campfire is held at Smokey Hollow, every Friday evening at dusk. Since you must return your canoes on Friday evening anyway, why not stay for the campfire? Come prepared with a song or skit. Good taste and the Scouting Spirit set the tone for the campfire.


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