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When groups arrive, everyone will be loaned a PFD. Everyone MUST have a whistle to attach to their PFD. Whenever in a watercraft everyone must wear a PFD with a whistle attached. Please do not put marks of any kind on the PFDs - no marker, tape, etc. Groups load all of their gear onto our pontoon boats and will be transported to their site. For safety reasons, staff may limit the amount of equipment or number of passengers allowed on the boat at any time.

Leave No Trace                                                               

At HSR, we ask everyone to do their best to minimize our environmental impact and the amount of waste we generate. We invite you to join our efforts! Our staff are more than happy to give advice and help when you come to recycle. It is everyone's responsibility to take care of their own garbage and recycling. We ask everyone to leave the camp environment in a responsible manner when they are finished their adventures. You can accomplish this by following the seven principles of Leave No Trace

Lake Kennabi Campsites

Lake Kennabi occurs has 23 designated sites that are accessible throughout the summer by boat. They are situated directly on the lakeshore, well spaced and away from neighbours--perfect for groups of various sizes wanting to camp surrounded by the wilderness. These semi-wilderness sites do not have any hook-ups and during the summer are equipped with:

  • Boat Dock
  • Picnic tables
  • Rowboat
  • Buoyed swim area
  • Buoyant rescue aid on a shoulder loop with 1.6m rope for emergency use
  • Reaching pole assist for emergency use
  • Buoyant throw assist with 8m rope for emergency use
  • Spine board. This is for emergency use, it is not a toy
  • Portable latrines (approx. one for every ten campers). We suggest bringing an extra tarpaulin or tent to provide privacy and shelter.
  • Ground storage - a 1m concrete well tile sunk in the ground, with a wooden cover to serve as a storage area. We recommend you bring plastic sealable containers
  • In camp telephone system to contact in-camp facilities only.
  • Fire-pit Please minimize your impact on the environment and do not create new fire pits. Campers must provide a fire bucket for each fire.
  • Natural deadfall trees and branches are available for firewood. Campers must not bring wood from any other locations. Only dead trees can be cut. Any damage to live trees will be charged to your group. Chainsaws are not allowed on HSR sites, unless authorized by the Camp Ranger.
  • Potable water is available from taps on the mainland

Campers provide their own sleeping, eating, cleaning and first aid equipment. Please consult the HSR Scouters Guide for more detailed information.

Wilderness Backwoods Campsites

The best way to explore our vast landscape of hills, rocky ridges, bogs, ponds, lakes and streams is hiking and paddling to our backwoods sites. You must inform staff when leaving your Lake Kennabi site to go hiking or camp at any other location.

  • Hurst Lake has a permanent pavilion with picnic tables, canoes and rowboats, portable latrine and must be reserved in advance.
  • Other wilderness sites are located on Lost Lake, Minnie Lake, Mislaid Lake, Holland Lake, Moore Lake and North Lake. These sites do not have defined facilities.

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