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Camping Facilities at Woodlands Trail

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Woodland Trails Scout Camp has twenty one camp facilities available for your use. There are three basic types of facilities: lodges, villages and campsites. At Woodland Trails, we also have a Training and Conference Centre named the Leathem Centre.

Our 6 lodges are perfect for use during the winter. Each lodge is built complete with bunk-beds (enough to sleep 24), two separate leader rooms (each with four beds) and full washroom, cooking and eating facilities. One of the lodges, Big Pine, is especially designed for larger groups. It has a special partition that divides the lodge into two equal sections. Each section has all the above amenities and will accommodate 2 groups of 24 or one group of 48.
How about a unique facility for a unique camp experience? The cabooses are three authentic retired railway cabooses that have been refitted to accommodate 8 people each in the two sleeping cars, and a dining car that has been fitted with a fridge and stove for year round use.
Our 6 villages each have seven "summer cabins". Each summer cabin has a canvas cover, designed to keep cold air and winds out. The summer cabins each have five moveable mattresses to sleep on. The villages also have running water and a dining shelter. The villages are designed especially for new campers who want that outdoor experience, but aren't quite ready for tenting.
For the more experienced campers, Woodland Trails also has 8 campsites. The sites have a few picnic tables and have ample room for tents.
Open Activity Areas
There are also lots of open fields for activities and games.
Leathem Centre
The Leathem Scouting Centre is a conference centre right on the grounds of Woodland Trails Scout Camp.

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