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Camp Adventureland - Parent Information

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Camp Fees (Per Week) 


Day Camp $299


Early Bird Rate (ends May 15 @ 5 pm) $429 + HST

After May 15 @ 5 pm $459 + HST

Leadership Development $399 + HST

Adventureland Goes North/Kennabic $459 + HST

Non-member Administration Fee $50

** All correspondence and receipts will be sent to the contact email on your child's registration.* Prices subject to change without notice. Please add 13% HST for all overnight camps.+Day Camp includes HST.

What to Bring to Camp?

Want to know what to pack for your week at camp?  Find out here to down load a PDF with the information you need for the Camp Program you are registered for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child have to be registered in Scouting to attend?

While the majority of our participants are registered Cubs, you do not need to be in order to attend. For more information about Scouting and enrolling your child in Scouting, please click here!

How are the kids organized in July?

Each week, we have up to 150 youth that participate in Adventureland. They will be split up into "villages" of about 20 according to age. If a child is attending with a friend, you can ask to have the two in the same village. They will spend the majority of their time with their village. Typically, subcamps are divided by age.

What are the sleeping accomodations?

Each week, we have roughly 80 residential campers. These campers are split up into "villages" of about 20 based on their age. The majority of their week will be spent working within their village.

Each village is equipped with seven summer cabins. Your child will be given a thick mattress on which to sleep. It is the responsibility of the child to bring a sleeping bag (a good summer bag will be more than sufficient).

The village will have running water, campfire pit and a dining shelter, under which breakfast and lunch will be served. Campers from all the villages will have dinner together in the Leathem Scouting Centre, a large lodge with a complete dining room. During the day, campers will spend a lot of time travelling to programs that run 1-2 hours in length.

What kind of meals are served?

We have a professional cook that prepares three hearty meals a day for the campers, and they are planned in accordance with Canada's Food Guide. In addition, we are sure to cook lots of food to ensure that no child goes hungry. We also prepare alternative meals to accommodate those with

allergies or other special needs. It is important that your child communicates with their leaders any concerns regarding meals and food. Campers with highly restrictive diets should bring to camp some of their preferred meal items to ensure the kitchen can prepare food they will enjoy. Afternoon snacks are delivered and always consist of fresh fruit. Please ensure that all allergies and special dietary requirements are entered on the medical form. We do our best to accommodate many dietary restrictions, however, we do request that campers supply items for diets that are highly restrictive such as gluten free. Adventureland is a peanut sensitive camp – we make every effort to not have items with peanuts on the ingredient list including peanit butter, peanuts, etc.

What kind of safety precautions are taken?

We ensure that the safety of each of our campers remains a top priority. We have an on-site nurse who is on-call 24 hours a day. It is the responsibility of this nurse to also take care of any medical conditions (eg. allergies, special needs, etc) of our campers. Our staff are fully trained to deal with most cases that arise, including risk management and home sickness.

Do LIT’s have to attend the LIT training weekend?

In short, YES! Since our LIT’s will be placed into positions of mentored leadership over younger children, we want to ensure they know what is expected of them and what they expect from us.

The weekend is an opportunity for these youth to meet their peers, provide input into their summer goals and planning, and attend required training including their Pack Part One Course which can be accredited within Scouts Canada should they become volunteers with Scouts Canada in the future. Other training organized during the weekend includes young workers safety, WHIMIS and more. Sometimes we may be able to make an exception if a) the LIT has previously attended, b) they will only miss a small portion of the weekend. Lastly, attendees must successfully complete the training weekend in order to be a camp LIT. Service hours are granted for LIT’s and include their hours at the staff training weekend.

How do I reach Camp Adventureland directly?

Our camp phone number is 647-469-8469. We are located at 14919 Kennedy Road. For general enquiries, email To reach the Camp Director email

I’m worried about my child being homesick? What should I do?

Adventureland has supported many youth who may suffer from varying degrees of separation anxiety. Our staff and LIT’s are trained to detect and support youth who may suffer from homesickness. Youth may request they call home and from our experience, the phone call home often

increases their anxiety level. Typically, we try to focus on the fun events planned ahead and provide some genuine TLC and this almost always works. In severe cases of homesickness, we will call you to discuss a plan with your input. We encourage parents to drop off care packages at check in on Monday that can include letters / photos that we will deliver on specific days of the week if you wish. We also have an email address provided that we do our best to deliver to campers daily. If you are concerned about homesickness, you can always call us to discuss your concerns in advance.

My child attended camp and we are missing some important items. How can I get them back?

First off, ensure all of your child’s belongings are clearly labelled. Ensure your child is INVOLVED in packing their gear so they know what they brought. At check out at camp we will have all lost/found on display. Please check when you are picking up your child on Friday. If you notice missing items later, call the camp or email the camp and we will make efforts to locate the item(s).

Can I attend camp to visit my child?

For security reasons we discourage parents arriving without notice to visit their child. First off, the camp is over 250 acres and vehicle use is restricted to camp vehicles and golf carts. We do not want people driving throughout the camp on narrow, winding roads where youth are walking / running. Secondly, visits often disrupt program. Our camp schedule is highly structured and busy. Youth may be swimming or on the mountain bike trail somewhere and very difficult to locate. Lastly, if your youth is feeling homesick, this can trigger that (you know your child best). If for some reason you must attend camp, it is required that you check in with our Administrator at the Leathem Centre first. Each week, our campwide campfire occurs at 7:15 pm at Sleepy Hollow. Parents are welcome to participate! Please park at the front gate and we will arrange to shuttle you in OR feel free to walk to the campfire site. All guests are required to read and sign the Scouts Canada Code of Conduct.


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