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Bring-A-Friend Program

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How To Promote Bring-A-Friend

In your Group Recruitment kit you would have received Bring-A-Friend post card invitations.  To see a sample, or to print one, click here.  If you would like to get additional postcards, please speak with your ASM and arrangements can be made to order more. As well we have provided you with a letter to attach to the postcard.  Click here to download a copy of the letter.

Here's an example of how the letter and postcard works:

Little Johnny (Cub Scout) wants to invite his friend Steve to Bring-a-Friend night for his Pack.  Little Johnny gives his parent copies of the invitation postcard and letter from his Group.  Little Johnny's parent gives Steve's parent the invitation and postcard to come to the event.

How to Host A Bring-A-Friend Event

You can find lots of great resources on the website or at

Bring a Friend is one more way that we can share the fun. Scouts is the start of something great.  

Need More Scouters? Why Not Host a Bring-A-Parent or a Bring-A-Volunteer Event

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