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Adventureland Goes North and Kennabic Goes North

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Adventureland Goes North began over twenty years ago initially organized as a transition program for youth aged 10-11 years old who were moving from Cubs into Scouts. The program is designed as an introduction to wilderness camping and is specifically designed for younger participants to develop skills at a wilderness camp before participating in all of the programs designed often for older youth.


Kennabic Goes North was an HSR summer camp program that ceased operation in the 1990’s and was recreated and reopened by Adventureland in 2018. Kennabic offers the traditional HSR experience and offers participants access to all program at HSR.


All of our Goes North programs operate from Sunday to Saturday (6 nights) and all include bussing from the Don Mills area in Toronto in their fees. Upon arrival, campers are divided into their sites (Troops) and then divided into smaller groups (Patrols). Within their Patrol on their first day, they will arrive and be barged by motor boat to their camp site that is not accessible by road. On their site, they will select their tent locations and learn to construct the tent they sleep in (Scouters will supervise but be Hands off). Following this, they will assist with other camp set ups including the kitchen, tarps, cooking, firewood collection and more. Then they will be involved with cooking dinner and clean up. By then there may be time for a dip in the lake, campfire and bedtime. Day two begins with a flag break, breakfast and a barge ride to the H Dock will everyone will undergo a lesson on how to paddle a canoe. Soon thereafter they will be off to be assigned their own paddle and canoe for the week. Then they return to their site and begin to further develop their canoeing skills. Throughout the week, they will participate in programs throughout the lake that will require them to canoe to the location – these programs include: archery, rifle range (ages 12+), rappelling (ages 12+), trappers cabin, fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, Survival, Hiking, Climbing Wall, Low Ropes and Paddle boarding.


Our Goes North program participants typically sign up as individuals however, Troops that are not operating a summer Scout camp are encouraged to consider offering Kennabic as an opportunity to provide a great camp. Whether you have Scouter(s) who would like to volunteer and join their troop participants or even have no Scouters able to attend, at least the youth will have a great week together they they will remember for a lifetime!

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