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Activities & Themes - Camp Adventureland

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Camp Adventureland Celebrates its 50th Anniversary in 2020!

Activities & Themes - Camp Adventureland in July

Since our camp began in 1970, many of the original programs and structured activities have remained the same, despite the many changes over the decades. Upon arrival, campers are divided into subcamps based on their age but also any request to be with a friend / sibling / parent volunteer.

During our July program, each week there is a different theme to the camp and many of the activities will relate to this theme. You'll get to use your creative side and have more fun than you can imagine! This year our themes were selected from suggestions and polling our youth through our Adventureland Facebook Page. We encourage youth to bring along costumes related to their weekly themes and wear them to our opening on Monday morning. Prizes are awarded for youth who bring along a creative costume to wear at our opening (arrival at camp) and during our Theme Night / Movie Night at camp.

Around the World in 5 Days – July 6-10, 2020

Modern times require modern solutions. Who needs 80 days to travel the world anyway? During this race around the globe, campers will travel through the natural wonders of the Amazon Rainforest and the Sahara Desert in order to see the breathtaking structures of the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China. Join us so you can experience different cultures, taste international cuisine and enjoy foreign holidays and traditions.


Harry Potter – July 13-17, 2020

You’re a Wizard, Harry!… You’re a Hairy Wizard!... Either way, allow us to open your muggle eyes to the hidden wizarding world all around us! Practice your spells, charms and potions to help defend Hogwarts against the Dark Arts. Students will also be taught all about fantastic beasts (and maybe even where to find them). Remember that the camp chooses the camper, and I hear Adventureland calling out to you!


Pirate Week – July 20-24, 2020

Arrrrr, Matey! Your timbers will be shivered as you set sail across the seven seas in search of untold riches. But your hunt will not be as easy as “X marks the spot”; you will have to defeat bandits, swashbuckle enemies, and even fight off scurvy before you can reach the treasure. Yo Ho, yo Ho, is the Pirate life for you?


Survival – July 27-31, 2020

You are flying over secluded wilderness when you plane suddenly crashes. Will you be able to find food without Uber Eats? Do you know how to locate water without Google Maps? Can you start a fire without Tinder? (Can you start a fire without watching YouTube?) Learn survival basics and how to stay calm under pressure so you can be prepared for any situation. Get back to some basic Scouting skills! Do you have what it takes to not merely survive, but to thrive?

Regular July Activities

Everyday is filled with great activities! Each village rotates to different events and spends time playing and having fun.


Our climbing and ropes program is very popular. These safe and fun activities promote teamwork & strengthen personal and group goals. They allow participants to complete challenges by walking across ropes and cables securely attached and strung between trees. The climbing wall is 11 meters high with forty colourful handholds. Campers wear safety harnesses, a helmet, and are constantly attached to a safety line controlled by a qualified instructor.


Adventureland has over fifty mountain bikes of varying sizes and design. A professionally constructed trail through the woods allows campers to participate in a two hour, guided trail ride. A novice course is available for beginners. Helmets are supplied although youth are  allowed to bring their own if they prefer.

Our Sports programs include games such as beach volleyball, badminton, soccer and – BALL HOCKEY! Bubble soccer is also a new addition to our program. A multi use sports court was installed in 2018 and can be utilized for multiple sports including: badminton, basketball, and even PICKLE BALL! An obstacle course is available for use. Campers also love playing a game called The Web of Life (Predator and Prey) in our forested pen.


Relax and rejuvenate in our camp pool while being safely supervised by our lifeguards. The pool is equipped with numerous activities and pool toys and also has a water slide. All campers will visit the pool once daily as it was in 1970. It’s also a great time to get clean. Each week, a camp wide pool fun day is organized with lots of fun activities for swimmers and non swimmers.


Whether you're a beginner or the next Robin Hood, everybody will improve their skills on the archery range, another activity in place since 1970. The best archers from each village compete against each other and the winner receives the prestigious golden arrow! Even if you've never picked up a bow before, our staff will teach you how to hit the target. While waiting for your turn on the range, campers can spend time a popular camp past time including making take home bracelets using gimp or hemp.


Enjoy designing and painting a different theme related craft or woodworking project such as birdhouses, handcrafted / pressed tshirts, and other theme related projects. Since 1970, Campers can also participates in other hands on projects such as beadwork during quieter time at camp. Other programs include gimp art and weekly theme related crafts.


Campers report to us that one of their favorite events, as it was in 1970, is our weekly cookout. Campers within their cabin under the leadership of staff and LIT’s, are taught fire building skills and build their own fires. Once coals are ready, campers will cook their own tinfoil dinner such as meal packs (hamburgers, potatoes, carrots, onions) OR Pizza (pitas, pizza sauce, cheese, etc). Desserts could include banana boats or apple cinnamon/brown suqar or sometimes smores.


Even though every day is fun, Fun Day (as it was in 1970) is held on Thursday mornings. Campers move around to 12-15 events that include: hey rides, parachute games, three legged ractes, bike obstacle course, nerf target practice, giant water slide, crafts, refreshments, and often items like dunk tanks, jumping castles or even a petting farm will be included.


Scouting’s Canadian Path program introduced to Adventureland in 2016, had us expand our electives program to allow campers to select programs that THEY want to participate in more. These programs generally operate on Monday evening and Friday and typically offer programs that include:

Advanced Mountain Biking (for experienced riders)

Advanced Climbing (More challenging climbing options)


Bubble Soccer

Pickle Ball


Indoor Cooking – Chinese Dumplings and Bubble Tea with Justin

Outdoor Cooking – Over Fire, Iron Chef


First Aid



Programs are planned within each sub camp that includes basic orienteering, basic fire building and cooking. Some subcamps will roast marshmallows, some will bake potatoes or even make popcorn over a fire. Guest speakers are invited to camp to talk about such subjects as Astronomy and wilderness animal demonstrations are presented. We have had magicians, reptilian, police services and even Dumbledore visit our camp. Campers will participate in educational games such as Web of Life, Village Campfires, weekly Scouts Own. A weekly camp wide campfire highlights the week. Our tuck shop is OPEN twice per week (free of charge and included in our camp fee) and all participants can choose two items (candy bars, chips, ice cream, pop, juice, water, sour candy, etc).   


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